Sunroom Kit Styles

Sunroom Living has more than 25 years of experience in sunroom kit industry. We have been helping hundreds of homeowners turn their dreams of having sunroom addition into an affordable reality. Our goal is to design and build sunroom kits to fit a homeowner's current home. We offer many customizable styles such as Tudor Arch, Natural Arch and Gable Arch to enhance the beauty and design of your home.

Our sunrooms often become the centerpiece of a home. Our Sunroom Living kits allow you add an elegant and inviting room that can double as a supplemental “heating system” for your home. Imagine using less fuel by just adding just a bright, beautiful room where large glass windows let in the sun’s energy. Our Natural Arch sunroom kits feature angled glass to admit the most possible sunlight from the low winter sun but reflect the same sunlight in the summer.

Sunroom Living sunroom and pool enclosure kits are built in easy to assemble sections and shipped directly to you. With complete instructions and architectural drawings, the kits are designed to be a do-it-yourself (DIY) project. We can provide technical assistance to the homeowner or their local contractor.

Our Conservative Sunroom design features laminated southern yellow pine beams which stretch straight up, from floor to ceiling, framing extra-wide panels of crystal clear glass. Sunlight spills in gently, highlighting the natural grain and tone of the wood.

A Conservative Gable Sunroom is built with post and beam construction. This gable style room slopes up from both sides to a raised center beam for a cathedral ceiling effect. All solid roof or roof with skylights is available.

The Conservatory Sunroom is a 2-story sunroom the allows abundant amounts of light to enter your space. What a beautiful way to enjoy the outside scenery from the comfort of the inside.

The Gable Arch Sunroom slopes up from both sides to a raised center beam for a cathedral ceiling effect. The versatile style can applied to many rooms for many uses.

Open your home to the sun with the Natural Arch Sunoom and you'll add an exciting new dimension to your life! The gracefully curved wooden beams and broad expanses of glass add a touch of drama and elegance to this model.

The Nature's Bay Garden Window is just 4-feet deep, yet virtually any length you want. In an instant, and for far less than you would expect, you can transform an ordinary room into a beautiful, bright and airy open space with unmatched vistas to the great outdoors.

Enclose your pool or spa with a 4-season sunroom, and we're willing to bet that your addition will be your attraction! You can splash around in your pool or spa or relax alongside in any season.

The Sea Breeze sunroom can be almost anything you want! A new room on any side of your home... front, back, or either side. It can expand a small room or become a whole new wing.

If you have admired the sweeping arches of our Natural Arch Room but felt that the slanted glass was not quite right for your home, here's an exciting alternative. It's our Tudor Arch Room, the beauty of our dramatic arches with the classic lines of vertical glass walls. The result is captivating, with style and charm all its own.

Welcome the Sun… Let Our Sunrooms Bring the Outside In