Nature's Bay Garden Window

Nature's Bay garden window is an elegant, compact window extension. This addition can allow opening up your living or family room, kitchen, dining area (or any space you wish!) without adding a whole new room!

The Nature's Bay Garden Window is just 4-feet deep, yet virtually any length you want. In an instant, and for far less than you would expect, you can transform an ordinary room into a beautiful, bright and airy open space with unmatched vistas to the great outdoors.

Our new room extension has lovely exposed, laminated beams of southern yellow pine. Huge , vertical insulated glass windows panels and skylights. It is built with the same quality, engineering and TL as all of our larger sunrooms.

For the Do-It-Yourselfer this a one day project…if you would like to help, ask about our Nation-wide Tech Rep service. No matter how you do it, we'll guarantee that you'll love the result!

Nature's Bay Garde Window
Nature's Bay Garde Window

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