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Our Methods and Materials

  • Roof: Roof slopes vary. Popular with a 12 foot wide room is a 4/12 or 3/12 roof pitch. 16 foot wide rooms generally use a 3/12 roof pitch. The roof comes complete with a 2'x6' tongue and groove S.P.F. decking that forms an attractive ceiling that's strong enough to support even the heaviest snow loads! Includes a vented roof with 1/2 inch exterior sheathing, vapor barrier, flashing, drip edge and building felt. All you need to add are shingles to match your house. Insulated to R-38.

  • Curved Wooden Arches: Made of high-quality architectural-grade Southern Yellow Pine. Laminated for strength and beauty, then sanded smooth, ready to be stained, oiled or varnished. Meets AITC (American Institute of Timber Construction) standards.

  • Double-Layer, Solar Glass Panels: Made to collect the sun's warmth in winter. Our glass is tempered for extra strength. Panels normally measure 4' x 6' , 5' x 6' or customized as needed. Measuring 1 inch thick, each panel is made of two layers of 3/16' tempered glass (with an insulating pocket between layers), double sealed along the edges to prevent fogging or streaking. Low-e glass is standard with all kits. Other glass is available, all you need to do is ask.

  • Glazing System: Holds glass panels in place and locks out air or moisture leaks. Includes sill plates and attractive mahogany frame and trim, plus architectural sealants. So simple to install, any homeowner can do it. It's practically fool proof!

  • Sidewalls: Standard 2 x 6 stud wall construction is used so you can run wiring or plumbing through the walls. Walls include exterior sheathing, fiberglass insulation and vapor barrier. Knee walls and Gable Room side walls include exterior sheathing, high-r vapor barrier along with fiberglass insulation. You can add the interior wall finish on site, or select one of our natural wood finishes. You supply exterior siding to blend with the rest of your house. Walls are insulated to R-20.

What Package is Right For You?

Laminated, angled, arched beams


  • Laminated, angled, arched beams
  • Laminated house and floor plates
  • Pre-cut mahogany glazing system
  • One inch thick tempered solar glass, Low-e
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Architectural-quality sealants
  • Pre-cut 2 x 6 tongue and groove roof deck
  • All hardware, instruction manual and architectural drawings
  • You provide locally your wall and roofing


  • All items from the STARTER PACKAGE plus:
  • Insulated and ventilated roof system
  • 3 polyisocyranurate insulation
  • Vapor barrier
  • Roofing plywood
  • Roof vent system
  • Drip edge, roof felt paper
  • Fascia and rake trim
  • You provide locally your walls

Insulated and ventilated roof system



  • All items from the STARTER PACKAGE w/ ROOF SYSTEM plus:
  • Pre-built wall system, sheathed and felted
  • R-19 wall insulation
  • Rough openings for doors and windows

If you have any questions regarding these packages, please call 800-833-2300 or .

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